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Step 6

Send Progress Update to project manager.

OBJECTIVE: To allow the Quality control team a chance to review the progress made and assist you in ensuring you attain 100% accuracy.

Files should be transferred using

- the Project Management tool ASANA or

- the File Transfer form (included below). This form collects all information associated with the files being transferred and automatically routes this information simultaneously to all of the correct members of the team automatically.


All models should be cleaned up prior to the sending of Progress Update snips or models

  • All Reference drawings / files are to be temporarily hidden

  • Unused objects are to be removed


Please use the snipping tool to create snips which should then be uploaded with the 3D model of the Form of the structure.

  • Four (4) elevations and

  • Four (4) aerial views taken from the North East, North West, South East & South West corners should be sent of the focus model.


The viewcube in Revit's 3D view should be used to set the angles for the Aerials.

File Transfer Form
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