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The Focus Model Technician has the primary responsibility for the timely & accurate creation of the main building model within a scene which is typically the element of primary focus within the scope of work.

These are known as "Focus Models."


As they are of primary focus, Accuracy is fundamental during the creation process..


The creation of these objects are mainly done in a

B.I.M software with a 3D Modelling Software being a fundamental but secondary tool for adding additional details.    

In this role, you’ll be pushed to the limit, asked to achieve great results whilst learning about creating powerful visual imagery,

How to Build MODELS

The Pixel Way

Each of the following steps MUST be done for every project and has to be done in accordance to the Company Standards. Each step has its own Standard which will be periodically updated . You will therefore have to keep an eye on the Company Standards for periodic updates.

How to Build

Send Files to Office

File Transfers

Our VISION is:
To be the best at transforming the world's ideas into powerful & unique visual imagery.

Craig Linton

Projects Manager

Tel: 876-437-1600

Office: 876-631-7524

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