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Step 2

Setup Project

OBJECTIVE: To create a standard place to store all project files.



This information will be provided by the Project Lead or Projects Manager.



Name your project folder and files using the Project Number provided. Please review the File naming standard whilst completing this step.






Details about your tasks along with what is to be done collectively for the project's successfull completion is recorded on the project page in Asana. 


Analyze the entire space(s) BEFORE you create the first item

The primary purpose of this step is to allow you to understand the design of the space(s) being created which therefore lets you execute the next step on this list effectively; PLANNING. When you have completed thorough analysis you should then be able to explain the location of each space/important element without having to look at the drawings.

Focused Analysis

  1. Find the main point of entry into the building / unit / floor / space etc. Imagine yourself here.

  2. Next, 'walk' through the entire building in your mind. Start at the entry and move from one space to the other, to the other until you have mentally 'visited' each space on the floor plan.

    • Whilst 'visiting' each space for the second time:

      • refer to the sections & internal elevations (if available) so that you can get an understanding of the height of each space as well.

      • refer to the external elevations of the building (if the exterior is to be shown) to understand the location of the openings seen on the floor plan and also

      • refer to the external elevations to ascertain the relationship of the openings seen in a space to the overall facade of the building.

  3. Look back at each elevation to fully understand the entire facade. (if the exterior is to be shown) 

  4. Check to see the floor to floor height for each floor level.

  5. Look at the Roof Plan and analyze the relationship of the roof shown in plan to what is depicted on the external elevations. 

  6. Review all other relevant drawings that are available.

​These steps apply to any form of real estate. Replace external elevations for internal elevations & sections for if interior imagery is the only thing being produced.




Plan how you intend to create the focus model BEFORE the first item is created.

After analyzing all available data related to the focus model, the very next step is to plan the creation process.

  1. Check to see if there are any repetitive parts of the structure. (e.g. repeated units or floors or stairs or common areas etc.) Create a list of all of these repetitive elements.
  2. Review the floor to floor height of each floor level
  3. Double check to see if any of the repetitive elements you have listed  all have the  same floor to floor height. Make a note of any variations.
  4. Determine if you will have to create multiple versions of any of the repetitive elements.              IMPORTANT: REPETITIVE ELEMENTS MUST BE CREATED WITH GROUPS (Revit).
  5. Review the following How to Build Steps to ensure the recommended process is followed as described.
    • Step 5 - Create Form
    • Step 6 - Send Progress
    • Step 7 - Add Details
    • Step 8 - Refine Model
    • Step 9 - Send Final version
    • Step 10 - Contact Project Lead
    • The steps have been designed to accommodate the work to be done on the project by the other members of the team .
  6. Determine the required tools that will be needed to create the focus model based on everything concluded from Step A-ANALYZE and this Step B.-PLAN.
  7. Plan where you are going to start the creation of the focus model 
  8. Always create a low poly version of repetitive elements (i.e. A version that only has the exterior envelope - no interior walls etc. - unless absolutely necessary)
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